Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Treasure Hunt: Living Room Sofa

So I was checking out Craigslist for some mid century items and I came across this amazing white 9' sofa. It was priced at $300!! For the shape it was in, I cant believe it was that amazing price. I contacted the seller and she informed me that someone is on their way to check it out now. I was seriously sad, because I knew someone was going to buy it! But.. within an hour, I got a phone called asking if I wanted to check it out. I could not even breath I was so excited. I hopped down to Dana Point to see this perfect white sofa.. and it was just that! PERFECT! The women told me that it was to long for the other buyer. Since I have a very long wall, its perfect for me and i was all in. The lady showed me a footprint on one of the cushions. During her move, she stepped on the sofa and got it a little dirty.. She said.. Ill take $200 because its a little dirty! Are you kidding me?? I almost passed out with excitement. Not only does it fit the room perfectly, but once the wood floors are in, this sofa will look even more amazing!

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