Friday, January 27, 2012

Treasure Hunt: China Find

I found the most amazing little Chinese side table. I met Seth for coffee in Solana Beach, and while he had to run off to work, i decided to hit up a little antique store.. Well it was not so little. It was a antique mall, and was full of amazing things. As I walked around, I found a lot of amazing decor, but everything was pretty expensive.. That is till I got to the very corner of the store. Under 3 tables.. (yes 3) there was this amazing little chinese side table. $35!! NO WAY! I had to get it, and right then I went to check out. The lady informed me that this table had paperwork on it. It was from china and made in 1876!! What a great find, and its so neat that although its traveled the world, and is so old, its still in perfect shape. Its the perfect addition to the house!

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