Friday, May 11, 2012

2 weeks in: decor in action!

Well the contractors finished almost two weeks ago and I have been living in the house for a week now.  I have finally started to settle in. 

Although there is a lot to be done. Its starting to look livable. Ill keep everyone posted on the decor process. 

Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers out there!!

Bamboo Patio furniture: Before and After

I purchased this bamboo furniture at an estate sale for $20. The lady could not get rid of it any quicker. She helped me get it onto my car and even gave me a blanket to protect my roof. Needless to say I made out on this deal and I could not be more please with the outcome. I love it!

‎1940's bamboo patio furniture: Estate Sale - $20
Stain and Lacker- $30
Black paint for fence -$5
7 light bulbs & supplies: Big Lots- $5
Total project= $60... pretty backyard!






Wednesday, May 9, 2012

DIY: Light bulb hanging vase

You will need:
                       Light bulbs
                       Hot glue

  1.Remove the silver and black part of the light bulb with some snippers. 

 2. Crack the light and shake out of the top.

3. Wrap twine around the metal part of the bulb and hot glue in place.

4. Wrap the end of the string around a nail and hot glue in place.

5. hammer nail into the back of wood fence.. and drop bulbs forward. 

6. Fill with water and add plants.. or fake flowers. 

*Some process photos were taken from