Thursday, July 12, 2012

DIY: Starburst decor!

I saw the cutest starburst on Instagram. @glitterguide

I knew it would be so easy to make something similar with stuff i already had around the house.
It took 15 mins, and so cheap. You have to try it!

 You will need:

Cut sticks in half... Its ok that some are pointed and some are flat. It still looks funky!

Hot glus the sticks all over the marble.

Spray paint gold!.... or whatever color you want.

Monday, July 9, 2012

The revolution of outdoor bar

Before finishing up the renovations on my house, one of the workers asked if I wanted him to put a bar in the backyard. Clearly i was like thinking heck ya... but since the job went over.... I just could not do it. But that did not mean I could not do it on my own!

The contractor went over in the kitchen counter top, so I was able to use some left over garnet for the bar. I found the perfect cabinet to make a bar, but it was to short. After searching for a way to make the bar higher, I found another crappy cabinate. Perfect for a foot rest. I knew I wanted to cover the cabinets with straw, to add the tiki vibe.

I rushed this project for my house warming party, but was able to switch things up when I found a little more time to make it my own style.