Monday, July 9, 2012

The revolution of outdoor bar

Before finishing up the renovations on my house, one of the workers asked if I wanted him to put a bar in the backyard. Clearly i was like thinking heck ya... but since the job went over.... I just could not do it. But that did not mean I could not do it on my own!

The contractor went over in the kitchen counter top, so I was able to use some left over garnet for the bar. I found the perfect cabinet to make a bar, but it was to short. After searching for a way to make the bar higher, I found another crappy cabinate. Perfect for a foot rest. I knew I wanted to cover the cabinets with straw, to add the tiki vibe.

I rushed this project for my house warming party, but was able to switch things up when I found a little more time to make it my own style.






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