Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Treasure Hunt: Side Table

So It seems like I have been on a lucky streak with finding all this amazing stuff. My mom informed me that after the sofa, my luck was probably going to end.. That is not the case! I went to a local estate sale last monday and as I walk in i see this amazing mid century side table. Thinking it was going to be over priced like everything i see online... i walk over to it. $5. No way! How can this amazing side table be $5. I know I can resell this for $100. it makes no sense. There were a little bit of scratches, but nothing a little fixing up cant fix. I bought the table and headed right over the Ace Hardware. I told the guy all about my find, and he was excited to help me. I got some sand paper and a darker stain.. and was on my way to fixing this baby up! Within 2 hours, I this side table looked brand new. Fingers crossed my treasure hunt is not over!!



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