Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Video tutorial: Baby shower

If you are anything like me, your friends are popin' out babies left and right! After doing a few parties and showers myself I thought I would share some helpful tops to make the planning go a little less stressful. I'm a girl on a budget, but that goes not mean the party has to look like one!

Home made chicken salad, olive and cream cheese, cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches.

HINT: to make the sandwiches the night before the party. Put a light spread of butter on both sides of the inside of the bread before making your yummy sandwiches.

Baby Bootie Party Favors. See video for tutorial!


Have your guest write a little message or advice to the baby for her/him to read as he gets older.

Bottle: Cost Plus World Market- $5.00
Note: Cut 1" x 4" strips of white computer paper
Twine: Ace hardware $3.00


Pick out 5-10 different baby foods, remove the food labels and number
(Don't forget to write what food goes with what number)


WARNING might offend younger party guest

This is a partner game. All guest can play at the same time.. or 2 at a time race!
Partners will be standing 6-8 yards away from each other.
Partner A stands with a toilet paper roll between there thighs. (keep extra rolls near partner A)
Partner B is 8 yards away with a toilet plunger between their legs. haha

Parner B has to run or wobble over to Partner A without using their hands.. and sticks their stick through Partner A's toilet paper roll!

They take the roll, still with plunger between legs, and wobble back to their spot, drop off the roll.. and run back for more rolls!

This game gets everyone laughing.. and since they only have 1 minute to gather all their rolls.. this is one game you want to record!! HELLO YOUTUBE!! ;)

Prize Ideas for both games:
DVD's are cheap.. and you can even find them at BIG LOTS

My suggestions:
Knocked up
Baby Moma'
Nine Months
Look Who's Talking
The Switch (love this)
Father of the Bride 2
Fools Rush In

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