Saturday, March 10, 2012

Treasure Hunt: Dresser

Today I found the most amazing dresser by Pierson & Sons. I have yet to find a dresser I liked that was under $600. TILL NOW! It was selling on CL for $100. I called the man right away and headed down to Aliso. I could not believe he was selling this fantastic dresser for such a low price. I asked him where he got the dresser and he told me at a estate sale. I am guessing he get an amazing deal and was going to restore it himself, but did not have the time. The kicker is, I did not even need to bargain with the guy, he did it for me. When talking in his driveway he lowered the price! $80. What!! From the looks of things it seems like his family was moving, and he was just looking for a quick clean up. What a great find! A quick stain job and this dresser is PERFECT!



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