Friday, June 1, 2012

Who needs $40 frames

Hey everyone. Well in preparation for my house warming party.. I need to fill these walls and artwork can be very expensive. I am lucky for the fact that I am a painter, but there are little tricks even non painters can do to fill their walls with love.  I always stock up on canvases when my local craft store has them on sale. Why pay $30 for one when sometimes they are 2 for $16. Sometimes even less!

To get some creative juices flowing i suggest going on Pinterest to gain some insprtation. It might be form a flower, a location, or just a set of colors you are really into. Inspiration is everywhere. If you are not a painter you can start by painting the entire canvas with acrilic paint... letting it dry.... then painting a messy circle.. in the middle. Yes it sounds simple, but a lot of artwork is..  and it ends up being a perfect focal point to a room. Happy painting :)


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